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I SURVIVED THE CRUELTY OF THE TEXAS PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM Part 1 (warning: graphic descriptions of trauma)

I grew up in 1970s Texas attending private school until 2nd grade, when my mother and stepfather decided to move out further into the rurals to live on a farm they purchased outside the Dallas metro area. At first, public … Continue reading

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For most people, being alone and lonely is quite painful. To a loner and an only child like myself, not so much. There is some self-care benefit to learning to like yourself being alone, being content to ride out a … Continue reading

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You can call me Sis but not Cis…When did this b.s. cis-gender label start becoming the norm? I’m not confused. I’m factory stock female. A girl. A straight woman. Also, I resent that I’m considered now having “autism spectrum disorder” … Continue reading

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