Just watched a short video from Instagram about a pro photographer like myself who went to an Egyptian artifacts museum and with a low-light camera, photographed the statue of Sehkmet, which no matter how much he tried, came out blurry. I had the same problem with getting the camera to sharp focus, even after switching to full manual, with statue shots (one pictured here) at the King Tut American Museum Tour, and thought my files were corrupted when I got home and reviewed them, because the screen image before I took each shot was in sharp focus. In one of the photographer’s photos, there was a strange person appearing that was not around the statue when he took the shot as the area was empty of people. It was an Egyptian man in period accurate clothing from one of the Egyptian Pharoah dynasties.

Guess I need to re-examine my King Tut tour photos again, its been a few years. The video showing this mysterious man is below:

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