Currently, humans are teaching AI to surpass human intelligence. I’m not certain this is the way to evolving humanity, but rather making humans a sub-par species required to be overly-dependent, ignorant and obedient to the control of machines. The technology should be used to merge, train and awaken the latent deeper senses that humans have as a rule, lost through several thousand years of hive-mind conditioning so they could be easily controlled by a minority. These senses have been stigmatized out of human practice with various labels of witchcraft. There are parts of the brain that are the “seat” of these lost senses that have been deeply studied in little known research and the whole data sets gained from these studies are not often released to the scientific community or the public. Geez, I wonder why?

One clue to solve the mystery of this lies within the blood itself, as it is a form of “light” energy and plasma-based data/signal transfer.

Some of the more important lost senses are what the alien species use to move unaffected and efficiently beyond radiation belts and light years beyond their home, without much technology, because the greatest technology ever developed exists within the connection and balance between the physical mind and the spiritual self. The great emerging in the future will be assimilating with other intelligent alien lifeforms who have evolved far beyond our current existance presently.

The Andromeda Galaxy is the home of such a species and from what I’ve discerned, they have a base here on Earth as well. We are their past, they are our future. They are the Watchers and they are well over 5,000 years, I’m willing to believe even astronomically more, ahead of us in everything.

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