In 1980, a Federal District Court in Louisiana, in the case of Calvin J. Roach v. Dresser Industrial Valve and Instrument Division, declared Acadian/Cajun as its own ethnicity and granted minority status. The court case summaries are provided in the 2 links below:


My late father was a full-blood Cajun of 9 unbroken generations and my late mother had recent Cajun ancestors, therefore I am over 50% Acadian and I regard myself as an American-born Acadian. Because crazy-ass Marxists like to dunk on we pale-faces, I’m writing in “Acadian” in the “Other” blank on every form I have to fill out that asks for my ethnicity, because dumdum self-loathing Leftists like to interchange ethnicity and race alot on government and employment forms to disenfranchise whitey any chance they get. By the way, my Italian immigrant stepfamily did not regard themselves as “white” or “Caucasian”, but you racist Democrats still regard olive-skinned Italian-Americans as white. Apparently you idiots are not aware of the Mediterranean groups.

Y’all Democrats revived this 21st Century tribalistic obsession over skin color and cultural appropriation and I’m gonna rub yer noses in it for the rest of my life.

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