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An aspect of Asperger’s or intuitive empath ability?…Perhaps both.

There is a lot involved with this, much of which I still don’t understand enough to explain in scientific detail or nomenclature. Its an ability I’ve had as long as I can remember. I can tell when a neighbor who is 5 acres away turns on/off their tv. I have been the bearer of bad news when as a houseguest, I’ve told my host that their refrigerator had 3 days to live. I warned my college instructor that something immediately below the floor where I sat in the lab was emitting a horrible frequency and hours later that evening after school was closed, a janitor found the furnace in the building’s basement, exactly beneath where I had been sitting earlier that day, was catching on fire. I can hear every high and low tone on industry hearing tests, this has been well-documented for decades. By the way, the highest tone and lowest tone on those hearing tests are the frequencies in which I begin to “feel’ more than hear them. I can feel frequencies that most others seem to not and can detect and isolate out-of-sync cycling and cyclical decay, often to exact geographic location and exact component in machinery. Sometimes the presence of the decay is so intense that it gives me a foreboding ill feeling, because the machine is “dying” and emitting some nauseating unrhythmic frequency.

Yes, we’re getting into the “tin foil hat” territory here and the struggle is real. In the past few years, I have heard and felt a constant barrage of shifting gears of high and low frequency output produced by some type of long-range broadcast device from North of me, possibly the HAARP weather manipulation array in Alaska, that has been bombarding the West Coast and beyond for years. I think I’ll start reporting here when I hear the “shifting” because disastrous freakish weather always follows. So far, none of this has made me slip into certifiable lunacy.

I have a theory about the ultra-high and ultra-low frequencies that are beyond human hearing and are only “felt” rather than heard. The ultra-high “felt” frequencies, the ones that are of harmonic resonance, are the “broadcast levels” where enlightenment and divine benevolent entities can manifest. The ultra-low “felt” frequencies open up interdimensional portals to evil entities and horrific experiences.

Looking at you CERN.

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