Finding out I may possibly have a direct descent from Mohammed.

Genealogy is weirding me out, man.

Starting with my 8th Great-Grandfather:

1-François Savoie and Catherine Lejeune

2-Thomas Francis Savoie, Prince of Carignano (Theory: My connection may be via his other brother instead which still would be within the same ancestral line.)

3-Charles Emmanuel I, “the Great” Duke of Savoy

4-Maguerite of France and Duke Emmanuel Philibert Of Savoy

5-Claude of France and Francis 1 of France

6-Anne of Brittany and Louis XII of France

7-Marguerite of Navarre and Duke Francois II Of Brittany

8-Lenor 1 of Navarre and Duke Gaston IV Of Foix-Bigorre

9-Blanche 1 of Navarre and John II Of Aragon

10-Eleanor Of Alburquerque and Ferdinand I Of Aragon

11-Eleanor of Aragon and John 1 of Castille

12-Juana Manuel Of Castile and Henri II of Castille

13-Eleanor Of Guzman and Alfonso XI Of Castile-Leon

14-Constanza of Portugal and Fernando IV Of Castile-Leon

15-Isabella Of Aragon and King Denis Of Portugal

16-Maria, d. 1262, m. Alfonso IX of Castilla

17-Maria, m. Guillen Perez de Guzman

18-Sancha, m. Gonzalo Ruiz II Giron

19-Rodrigo Rodriguez de Lara, b. 1128, m. Garcia de Azagra

20-Sancha, m. 1122 to Rodrigo Gonsalez de Lara (el Franco)

21-Zayda, m. Alfonso VI of Castilla,

22-Mohammad II al-Mutamid, 1040-1095, emir of Sevilla

23-Abbad al-Mutadid, ca. 1010-1069, “Emir of All Spain”

24-Mohammad I abu-l-Khasim, ca. 980-1042, hachib of Sevilla

25-Isma’il ibn Qaris, 952, khadi in Sevilla

26-Kharis ibn Abbad, khadi in Sevilla

27-Isma’il al-Mansur, ca. 901-952, 3. kalif in Egypt

28-Mohammad al-Khaim, ca. 873-946, 2. kalif

29-Obeidallah al-Mahdi, ca. 846-934, 1. Fatimid kalif, Egypt

30-Ahmed ibn Isma’il

31-Mohammad ibn Isma’il

32-Isma’il ibn Gafar

33-Djafar al-Sadikh, ca. 708-765, 6. imam in Iraq

34-Mohammad al-Bakhir, ca. 681-733, 5. imam in Iraq

35-Ali Zain al-Abidin, ca. 653-713, 4. imam in Iraq

36-Al-Husein, ca. 626-680, 3. imam of the Shi’ites, Iraq

37-Ali ibn abu-Talib, 4. kalif (in Iraq) 656-661 and Fatima

38-Muhammad ibn Abdulah (Prophet of Islam) and Kadhija

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