The moment when Donald Trump was giving his Inaugural speech on January 20th, 2017. Trump was relentless at shaming the Obama Administration for taking the country and the World in the wrong direction, rightfully so. Barack kept a straight face looking forward or down at his shoes while Mikey scowled and sneered as usual. I knew that the Democrats weren’t going to accept the Trump Presidency with grace. I knew Trump was going to be a very sore winner and rub their noses in his victory. Nevertheless, it was this moment that was the advent of Barack Hussein Obama’s “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka” plot with the Democrats and RINOs to make Donald Trump a 1-term President, make desparate attempts to impeach or imprison him and commit rampant fraud to steal the next election for Obama’s 3rd Term, this time as a shadow President, with meatpuppet FauxJoe as a placeholder in the White House. Because after all, it was the Witch from New York’s turn to be President and they didn’t expect her to lose.

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