Real alien lifeforms want little to do with dumdum Earthlings right now. Its all a psyops.

with fake alien/UFO invasion disclosures by the fearmongering Govt…

Where is that Mau-Mau Obama and Killary? Anyone keeping track of what that duo is up to?

When those 2 are quiet, somethings a’brewing. They’re calling all the shots from the White House right now and are wetting their granny panties over Trump’s sham indictment. FauxBiden isn’t even the real Joe, and because of that, he’s not only clueless, but he’s not lying when he denies allegations when they ask him questions about the money laundering in China and Ukraine when the real Joe was Vice President. Real Joe was “disposed” of and the stand-ins are gonna be the patsies in all this, while Chicago Bathhouse jizzmopper Barry Obama and his corrupt cohorts are left unscathed and wealthier from the whole grift.

I’m the kind of person who has many enemies, mostly without even making enemies, but I would NEVER wish this kind of Communist-manufactured crapload of charges against my enemies. These allegations against Trump are untrue, un-Constitutional, brazen government overreach and downright sophistry to distract everyone from the real high crimes and misdemeanors of the reprobates currently in charge. Both far left Marxist Democrats and fake-ass RINO Republicans have weaponized their investigative committees and the White House with pass-thr0ugh proxies of Obama-appointed judges, Federal prosecutors and state D.A.s. We’re closing in on a fast-approaching election year. You tribalist idiots looking the other way from the Biden Administration’s corruption because you hate Trump without even knowing anymore why you even hate him since these bogus charges so far have never stuck, are gonna get exactly what you all deserve. And gas will be 10 fucking dollars a gallon.

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