Is often a contributing factor for depression. Magnesium, which is an electrolyte, is essential for over 320 processes in the human body. Only a special Magnesium blood serum test called an RBC, ordered by the Dr., can indicate with certainty if levels are deficient (see footnote). This is not a regular blood panel test but a specific test for magnesium levels. Then the Dr. can direct you on what type and how much magnesium to take to get your levels caught back up, monitor that for awhile, then get settled on a lesser daily dosage or stop, depending on how your body keeps its stores of it. If you increase daily intake of magnesium-rich foods and take a Magnesium supplement, you will feel the difference in mood, energy, etc. usually within 24 hours. One way Magnesium serves the body is as a mood regulator. It also is essential for a healthy heart and a deficiency can lead to a multitude of unpleasant mystery symptoms, both mental and physical, that increase over time that can be easily misdiagnosed and overdiagnosed as more serious problems. The fresh produce supply in grocery stores has been found to be severely lacking in magnesium levels as compared to over 2 generations ago.

If you have any or all of these issues below, you are most likely magnesium deficient and cannot merely eat your way back to proper levels without supplementation:

  • You regularly experience high levels of stress.
    (Magnesium is used up to manage stress and needs replenishing.)
  • You take blood pressure medication and/or water pills
    (Blood pressure meds are a form of water pill and minerals like magnesium get eliminated quicker than normal through frequent urination.

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