When I go to nightclubs, I notice that when the lighting tech turns on the strobing, all the uncoordinated, inebriated dudes on the dance floor magically look like they can actually bust some moves.

I’m currently calculating the “frame rate loss” from the strobe effect that it takes to make a drunk appear like they can dance like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. It’s like a glitch in the Matrix. What happens when someone breaks out in Dub Step when the strobe effect comes on, does it look like they’re standing still? This is the kind of obscure math problem that keeps me awake at nightclubs. Discovering the exact frame rate of the optical illusion in dancing like Fred Astaire might solve the world’s “daddy can’t dance” dilemma.

Until then, its all fun and meat-market games until someone has an epileptic seizure.

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