You can call me Sis but not Cis…
When did this b.s. cis-gender label start becoming the norm? I’m not confused. I’m factory stock female. A girl. A straight woman.

Also, I resent that I’m considered now having “autism spectrum disorder” instead of just “aspie” because someone found out Dr. Asperger had Nazi ties. We still have the fecking Nazi car company, Volkswagen, no one’s complaining about that. I’m considered less relevant than a VW Golf. Just rename Asperger’s to something else, you psych QUACKS.

I don’t have jazz hands, or throw tantrums or need a hug machine or repeat everything twice in a row or any of the more disturbing, disabling symptoms of autism. I have a ‘touch’ of it as they say, possibly due to being a preemie. I’ve worked hard to punch through not “tuning the World out”, and my extreme shyness and selective muteness both went hand-in-hand when I was a child. I still have some hesitation with public speaking to a crowd. All my other traits are of an overachieving nature. Having hyperlexia, I taught myself to read at age 2, and was discovered to be a musical savant, with the natural ability to play music by ear at age 2 as well. I also have extraordinary auditory perception (I can hear every tone on the hearing test and can “feel” frequencies beyond that most cannot), etc., I won’t list everything here but these rare traits have served my life well.

But now high-functioning savants are reduced to the same level descriptor as someone who is institutionalized and/or unemployable, thanks to bedwetting, bleeding heart liberals who want everything to be fair and equal to the point of losing the specific meaning of things. Is this to compress the definitions into one neat package to allow red flag laws for gun control? Sure seems like moving the goalposts that direction to me.

I don’t want to hear them tell me “trust the science” when most all of their narratives are based on “feels” and social justice agendas. Also, why do I look like a clean-shaven Jesus in this photo?

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