Nothing replaces the tactile stimulation of real life and interactions with family, friends and tall, dark strangers.

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“If you came to me with a face I have not seen,
with a voice I have never heard, I would still know you.

Even if centuries separated us, I would still feel you.
Somewhere between the sand and the stardust, through every collapse and creation,
there is a pulse that echoes of you and I.

When we leave this world,
we give up all our possessions and our memories.
Love is the only thing we take with us.
It is all we carry from one life to the next.”

 ~ Lang Leav, Memories

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Where the Alpha Males roam,
Where this Sigma girl goes off to play.
Where seldom is heard,
A BetaMale word,
Because Texas ain’t Washington State.

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Of having postal workers any more when robots could do a better job, without all the back-sassing when you have to call their attention to incidents of their horrible performance and conduct. The USPS is considered a “quasi-Federal” entity and unionization has made them like pedantic children that can’t be corrected or held accountable. No wonder “going postal” has long since entered the American lexicon as someone who is a mentally ill psycho mass killer. I have compiled a long list of misconduct issues for the past 15 years in my small town post office that are unacceptable, specifically matters of egregiously mishandling my mail.

I put a mail hold on before I went on my most recent trip to Texas and after I handed the female postal worker my mail hold card I had filled out, she proceeded to read out loud all my personal details (address, dates starting and ending for the mail hold, etc.) while there were several customers in line behind me, mostly males. I leaned in to her and said this matter requires DISCRETION. She grinned smugly, nodded her head and patronizingly responded “uh huh” several times. I’m not going to elaborate what graphic images were playing in my head, provoked by this obnoxious breach of my privacy and how she thought it was amusing I would be upset.

I may as well have passed out my house keys and alarm code to everyone present.

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You are Visitor #42 today.

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Where I will either fall from grace…or find what I’m looking for…either way sounds fun. Don’t know why I stayed away for so long…except maybe I didn’t miss the chiggers. *itch* *itch*

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I see you.

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This could be a hit piece about the news media, but I digress…

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. The following is based on my own experience with an effective, inexpensive and gentle naturopathic home remedy regimen I have followed to eliminate parasites. If you suspect you or your children suffer from parasites, you can consult your doctor for the simple tests and pharma remedies to achieve similar results.

Everyone has parasitic infestation within their bodies. Its unavoidable. But it can be easily treated. Parasites live in your bowels and even your organs like your liver and impair the body’s normal functions. Parasites have been known in rare cases to cross the blood-brain barrier, which can cause serious and even deadly neurological issues.

The persons most likely to be severely infested with more parasites than normal are those who regularly eat raw or undercooked meats/seafood. “Citris Acid Cooking” meat or seafood DOES NOT KILL parasites. Parasites are everywhere and anything from ingesting dirt as a child, eating unwashed raw produce and drinking or swimming in contaminated water can all contribute to parasite infestation in humans.

There are 3 categories of parasites in humans:
PROTOZOA: Protozoa parasites are single-celled organisms. Protozoa can only multiply, or divide, within the host.
HELMINTHS: These are worm parasites. They are typically visible to the naked eye at their adult stage. Unlike protozoa, they cannot multiply in humans.
ECTOPARASITES: These live on rather than in their hosts. They include lice, fleas and mosquitos.

Since we all have parasites, we should have a regimen for eliminating them to reduce their presence. There are some major telltale symptoms of extreme parasite infestation:

Chronic fatigue
Chronic fevers and chills
Chronic insomnia
Chronic GI tract conditions
Chronic heartburn (GERD)
Chronic joint pains that seem to migrate from one joint to another
Multiple food sensitivities
Chronic hives or skin rashes
Chronic overall feeling of unwellness
Nutritional deficiencies (Anemia is a common one)
Medical conditions that have plateau’d with treatment and cannot seem to be resolved
Chronic thick white coating on the tongue, often accompanied by halitosis
Grinding teeth during sleep
Chronic cravings of sugar or carbs
Hard bumps on the face and backs of the arms
Itchy butthole at night
Restless legs

You can try these 2 simple home tests to see for yourself the parasites that use you as their host:


You’ll need:
A half full shotglass amount of Cranberry juice
1 small bowl of water
1 capful of rubbing – isopropyl alcohol (do not ingest!)

Take a half full shotglass of cranberry juice, use like mouthwash and swish around in your mouth for 1-2 minutes without swallowing.

Spit the cranberry juice into the small bowl of water.

Add 1 capful of rubbing alcohol into the bowl.

Wait until the water stops moving and you may notice small red-stained tadpole or wormlike things start to swim around. These creatures are normally semi-translucent, so the cranberry juice is used as a stain. Those are parasites that have entered through your mouth from whatever you have recently ingested or passed from human to human and have not yet made their way to your intestines.

The bottoms of your feet have the largest pores in your body.

You’ll need:
Foot soaking tub or equivalent to where you can put both feet in at once, soles flat down.

Add to the soaking tub:
1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar
1 cup of Epsom Salts
1 cup of Bentonite Clay
1/2 cup of Baking Soda

Add warm water, enough to cover feet up to ankles and mix well.
Soak feet for 15-20 minutes.
After this soak, you may see worm-like creatures floating in the water, having come out of the pores at the bottom of your feet.


A daily regimen of oil pulling with unrefined coconut oil is by swishing a tablespoon of the oil in your mouth (without swallowing) like you are using mouthwash, swish for at least 10 minutes. This can bind to any parasites present in the mouth. When done, spit out the coconut oil into a paper towel or spit outside on the ground. Putting coconut oil down the drains can clog them.

PUMPKIN SEEDS (without shells)
I consume DAILY a handful of pumpkin seeds first thing each morning on an empty stomach an hour before ingesting anything else if possible for the best concentration. Pumpkin seeds contain compounds that are deadly to parasites. Papaya seeds are also edible and mixed with honey, are a more aggressive cleanse agent, but I prefer the readily available and portable pumpkin seeds. I have had success with both roasted salted pumpkin seeds and the raw version, either seem to do the trick with daily ingestion.

Since parasites also cling to heavy metals in the body to avoid being eliminated, I take 2 Activated Charcoal Gelcaps made from coconut shells once per week (taking daily is not recommended). Activated charcoal eliminates heavy metals, which in extreme amounts are as toxic for your health as parasites.

I recommend when you try the pumpkin seed/activated charcoal regimen for the first time, to do it when you have 2-3 days off from work or anything important. I’ll explain why. What comes next is the DIE OFF. About 2-3 days after starting this parasite cleanse, an overall feeling of low energy and suppression takes place, in other words, you will feel bad enough to want to lay down, but its temporary. This is the body reacting to all the toxic excretions the parasites release as they die. The body becomes temporarily acidic until the next bowel elimination, which will be heavier than normal. After which, an immediate re-surge of energy and well-being returns, often even more than before the cleanse.

FULL MOON CYCLE (Once a month purge or do in conjunction with daily regimen)
During the Full Moon, parasites lay eggs to make more parasites. I intensify my regimen during the 5-day full moon cycle as follows:
On the 2 days before the Full Moon, on the day of the Full Moon, and the 2 days after the Full Moon, I eat 2 handfuls at once or double the amount of pumpkin seeds per morning. I take 2 Activated Charcoal Gelcaps on the Full Moon and then on the 5th or last day of the cycle.

When parasites are eliminated through your b0wel movements, you will notice alot of things that look like rolled up tomato skins, balled up cotton and coiled up worms. In any case, while these things were alive, they have been excreting their own poop and pee inside you, making your body more acidic on a continuous basis. An acidic body is a body with a compromised immune system making it prone to illnesses like neurological issues, hormone disruptions and chronic diseases. Eliminating parasites regularly will allow your body to become more alkaline and better responsive to medical treatments. It is well established that Cancer itself, cannot exist within an alkaline body.

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Ok ladies, here’s the deal. If you are only a short time into menopause and you do the sex multiple times a day, thinking you’re safe…there is such a thing as post-menopausal pregnancy, even if you were infertile before, check the Old Testament. The oldest woman recorded in modern Western history to have conceived naturally was 59 years old. The child was born healthy, without disability.

You increase your odds for pregnancy if the man eats celery…those who want to conceive, have the man try eating celery daily as it increases load and definately keep him from doing things that heat up his boys like cycling or using jacuzzis for awhile.

Recently into menopause, I am a mother already with a grown daughter, but intuitively believe I’m to have at least 2 children in my lifetime. The next one is supposed to be a son, according to constant visions I experienced while I was a young child of what 2 of “my” children look like, they appeared as “invisible friends” often, the girl was much older and always holding the toddler boy’s hand. I learned as an adult that some mystics believe that the spirit of unborn children choose their parents, perhaps I was being auditioned for the role of a lifetime, haha.

This already came true with my daughter, she looks exactly like the girl who appeared to me when I was a young child and does not have my hair/eye coloring or face shape but her father’s, whom I would meet many years later when I was 20 years old. Every divination method and psychic stranger I’ve ever crossed paths with has revealed this same conclusion of my having more than 1 child. Because I know what this unborn son looks like already, every time I encounter a man that looks potentially like he could be the father, I get butterflies in my stomach. Although I don’t have a “type”, it is my favorite look in a man for this reason only. I don’t believe in bearing children outside of marriage for myself or it would have happened already.

I will not reveal the features of this future child. I don’t need any more rando horndogs messaging me that they’d like to help me out.

I’ll report my findings later in an update, should all the predictions prove to be correct. Otherwise, I’m just rambling some hippy-dippy nonsense for your amusement.

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